Contribute, Collaborate, Comment

We recommend you take the time to look through past issues to get a better sense of what we publish in Beneficial Shock!. Our aim is to avoid 'trend' and reductive work that panders to populism. We pride ourselves on filling our pages with illustration that is aiming to push the margins; powerful, impactful, honest, individualistic and surprising, We are an annual publication with a limited amount of pages to fill - so we have to be highly selective.   

Contribute Art
Specify whether you want to be paired as an illustrator/designer/photographer with one of our writers or submit self-authored material. Please also send us a link to examples of your work and aim to highlight for us why you think Beneficial Shock! is the right 'fit' for your work. 

Contribute Words 
Send your 150 word synopsis for articles related to the next issue’s theme along with a link to examples of your written work (writing about film is recommended but not essential).

Things we look for in a submission:
– A confident voice that indicates a personal/individualistic approach
– Clear sentence structure, lack of grammatical errors/typos, etc.
– A strong grasp and robust experimentation of your chosen topic 
– Ambitious and looking to surprise

Things to avoid in a submission:
– Too much summary 
– An excessively dry, esoteric or academic tone
– Excessive snark, sarcasm, or eye-rolling without an accompanying sense of playful self-awareness

Issue 7 theme: Community
Submission Deadline: January 15th, 2022

*We receive lots of contributor requests, so while we make an effort to respond, if you don't hear back from us within 10 days do please email a reminder to jog us along.