Beneficial Shock! is an award winning magazine for film lovers and illustration enthusiasts that champions progressive thinking from contemporary image-makers.

  • Featured Illustrator

    Tomekah George is an artist based in Sheffield, UK. Her illustrations have featured in digital advertising campaigns, packaging, pottery, children’s books and animations across the US, UK & Europe.

  • Featured Stockist

    UNITOM is a visual arts orientated bookshop and print/editions gallery offering a hand-picked selection of cultural inspiration, located in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Stevenson Square.

  • Featured Film

    (Ben Sharrock, 2020)
    Separated from his family, a young musician anxiously waits to hear about his asylum request while staying on a remote Scottish Island. Read our piece on the isolation and desolation of the refugee experience in issue 7: Together/Apart

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Popcorn Folklore by Jay Daniel Wright